Tip of the day
"After a while, bricks are falling so fast it is impossible to handle them"

The time period for a single brick is decreasing but you can combine the time for many bricks by handling them simultaneously. For example, if the time for the single brick is 3 seconds, you will have 6 seconds when you click on the clock and request for the second brick before the previous one is frozen.

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TouchBricks video: See how the 6242 score was achieved and learn some TouchBricks tricks!
   6242.mpg (4,8 MB)
(Note: the video is replayed in "fast forward" mode, the actual play time was about 10 minutes)

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for PalmOS

Unusual brick game, played with the stylus.
New rules, new strategies, more fun!

(The name was changed because of the TETRIS® trademark issue. Phew...)

17-Jun-2004: TouchBricks rated 4.5 by PocketGoddess

22-Mar-2004: v1.2 released!

Changes since 1.1
  • Sound effects
  • More locations and orientations are considered when placing a new brick. This fixes the "sudden death" problem - "game over" could happen because of single floating brick at the top of the screen. It also makes the game slightly easier.
  • Replay speed can be adjusted
  • You can choose which recordings will be uploaded before starting the synchronization procedure
  • The play time can be displayed on the Hall of Fame
  • Better skin support (skin can use other skin's resources)
  • Fixed the recording error (recording could be rejected if another application was launched during the game)
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1.Rick483472 Adelaide, Australia
2.Rick449765 Adelaide, Australia
3.Rick441667 Adelaide, Australia
4.Rick435376 Adelaide, Australia
5.Rick428064 Adelaide, Australia
6.Rick413172 Adelaide, Australia
7.Rick409470 Adelaide, Australia
8.Rick406767 Adelaide, Australia
9.Rick406661 Adelaide, Australia
10.Rick405970 Adelaide, Australia
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TouchBricks websync
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Standard skin
(included in the trial and full versions)
Old TouchTetris skin
Mimics the look of the old TouchTetris game
Low resolution (7K)
Easter skin
Easter Eggs turn into chickens!
Low resolution (6K)
High resolution (20k)
Sketch skin
Hand-drawn bricks on a sheet of paper
Low resolution (6K)
High resolution (20k)
FlowerPower skin
Flowers develop into fruits when bricks freeze!
Low resolution (6K)
High resolution (20K)

Skin template
for creating custom TouchBricks skins
Download skin-template.zip (41K)
Read about the TouchBricks skin development
(C)2004 Szymon Ulatowski @ TOYSPRING